Roger Clemens Reported To Have Been Injected With Nandrolone

All the baseball fans acknowledge Roger Clemens for his positive attitude and hard-throwing pitching style.

Unquestionably, the famous pitcher that has great achievements under his belt has always competed with a higher degree of passion- something that could put your rivals in a cold sweat in the field. See Crazy Bulk guide website here

And as we recognize his achievements by and large, we also deem his training routine as the benchmark for pitching preeminence.

However, as everything seems perfect and up to the mark, the other side of the story is completely the contrary.

At least this is what has been revealed by the explosive steroid report according to which, the most renowned pitcher in the history of Yankee has been made to consume illegal substances by his ex-trainer.

And not just Clemens, another popular pitcher Andy Pettitte has been found to be in the same league as Clemens.

An ex- strength coach of Yankee, Brian McNamee further confirmed Clemens association with steroid, Winstrol.

As per his revelations, he witnessed ‘Rocket’ requesting his coach to inject him the substance and his involvement with other agents like Deca-Durabolin at the time of Yankees’ 2000 World Series champion season.

However, the story did not end here. Post the event in 2001, the pitcher expressed his eagerness to consume steroids yet again.

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According to McNamee, the usage of steroids and several other performance enhancing substances has been a norm for Roger, however, he personally preferred testosterone way more than human growth hormone.

Well, we just do not doubt all the revelations made by McNamee, who expressed his unawareness about Roger’s steroid connection after 2001.

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But for now, let us know what exactly Deca Durabolin is and what benefits it offer to sportsmen:

What is Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin)?

Nandrolone is a very powerful and a very popular agent that is generally regarded as a performance enhancing drug. It was introduced in 1962, labeled as Deca Durabolin.

If you consider its therapeutic effects, you will find Nandrolone of great use.

Since the substance encompasses a higher degree of anabolic powers and limited level of androgenic abilities, it can serve as an efficient treatment option for those undergoing medical problems like geriatric weakness, breast cancer, anemia, muscle wasting and so.

However, as it bears fruits for people in need of medical assistance, it offers a plethora of benefits for those in need of extra push in the field too. for more muscle building pills you should see

What are the performance enhancing effects of Nandrolone?

Nandrolone generates three big effects in the body:

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  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Hampers glucocorticoid hormones.
  • Encourages IGF-1 output.

All these changes improve the perseverance of nitrogen in the muscles which then adds up to the growth and power of muscles.

What are the side effects of Nandrolone?

In spite of being a very effective performance enhancing tool, the substance generates some very nasty effects like:

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  • Water retention.
  • Male breasts.
  • Acne and excessively oily skin.
  • Virilization
  • Poor growth of natural testosterone.
  • Reduction in good cholesterol, the result of which is poor cardiovascular health.

Why is Nandrolone banned?

Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid and hence, it is no surprise that an agent like this falls under the class of illegal substances.

There are many bodybuilders who died because of overdose of steroids.

It is in fact, categorized as a schedule III controlled substance that signifies its prohibited nature in a number of countries including USA.

And of course, the agent is also banned under the anti-doping policies which people from every sport related field are obliged to follow.

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Upon all the claims made by McNamee through a report, Roger’s attorney added that all the allegations on his client are totally false and that it is totally unfair to drag his name in anything he considers an offense.

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